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Fruit and Friends

Featuring the art of Fruit Salad Club and p:ear youth artists

Fruit Salad Club is the micro creative studio of co-cherries Jillian Barthold and Libby Landauer. As a collaborative studio one of our foundational rules is to magnify the value in ourselves and others: to be fueled by a we versus me mentality, curiosity rather than competition. With Fruit and Friends we aim to articulate this mindset by highlighting work from artists that are thoughtful and supportive in our community and by creating new work that aims to engage viewer participation.

Opening Reception:
April 4, 2019
5pm to 8pm

On Display:
April 4th to May 31st
Tuesday – Friday 9am-2pm, or by chance or appt.

about p:ear gallery

p:ear gallery is located on-site and is the venue through which p:ear youth and guest artists display and sell their work. The gallery opens most First Thursdays, 5pm - 8pm, and serves as an open house in which community members and p:ear youth engage in an open dialogue and appreciation of our youths’ monthly artistic achievements. p:ear youth keep 90% of the proceeds from the sales of their work, a positive way to generate funds.

hours & contact

Most First Thursdays, as well as Tues - Fri 10-2 or by chance or appt.

Contact Arts & Music Program Coordinator
William Kendall

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past shows

Remove your mask and throw it in the sea

Melissa Monroe

On Display: March 1st 2017 - March 31st 2017

An Education

Jeremy Okai Davis

On Display: April 6th 2017- May 25th 2017