our covid-19 needs:
how you can help from home

The strength of the p:ear community is mighty and essential to many of our lives.

In response to recommendations by Governor Kate Brown and the CDC, we have adjusted our programs over the next few weeks to support the wellbeing of the whole p:ear community. p:ear is currently providing mentorship, programming, to-go meals, and essential supplies to youth on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am - 1:15pm.

The p:ear community is strong because of you – your support and compassion make incredible things happen here every day. We do not make the decision to close or suspend programs easily. You can help us remain a place of belonging and acceptance for youth experiencing homelessness in many ways…

creative ways to get involved from home:

Donations of fresh produce, masks for youth, baked goods, and other needed items can be dropped off between 9:00am – 1:00pm Monday through Friday at 338 NW 6th Ave. 


Spring is here, which means it’s the perfect time to plant fruits and vegetables! Whether in your backyard, in pots on a windowsill, or in your local community garden, planting for p:ear now means our youth will have fresh produce in their meals this summer and fall thanks to you!

Learn more about what to plant here.

Everyone loves freshly baked goods, including the hundreds of young people who depend on p:ear for sack lunch meals each week. Bored at home? #BakeforGood and donate cookies, cupcakes, or other treats in bulk to brighten up a young person’s day!

Here’s a simple cookie recipe for 100 cookies.

Without a home, it’s difficult to quarantine oneself from others who are sick. We’re doing our best to ensure our youth have the gear they need to stay as healthy and safe as possible. Donations of homemade masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, 70%+ alcohol antiseptic, gloves, and new vitamins (gummies preferred!) are highly needed.

Get tips on how to sew safety masks here.

Although our p:ear barista school coffee window is currently closed, you can help support this job training program and its youth baristas by purchasing a gift card.

Purchase a gift card here.

Our mission is to creatively mentor homeless youth. You can help bring art into the lives of kids near you by sharing some of these great resources with them:

Read a free book together.
Visit a virtual museum.
Learn a musical instrument together.
And, more!

Are you an active-type who is frustrated you can't get involved in person? Here's a p:ear-approved way to social distance while doing good!

Portland’s elders and other highly susceptible community members depend on Meals on Wheels, the Oregon Food Bank, and other crucial organizations for food security. While many of our usual food distribution partners are closing, Meals on Wheels needs all the help it can get bringing food to people’s doorways.

 Sign up to be a volunteer driver here.

current donation supply needs:

Donating large quantities of food? Be sure to sign up for our Meal Train. Don't want to leave the house? You can also order non-perishable items via our Amazon wish list and have them delivered right to our door!


To-Go Meal Items (Homemade or Store Bought):
Burrito fillings (veggies; onions; meats - chicken, beef, pork; rice; beans; cheese; burrito-size tortillas)
Individually packaged snack foods (healthy snacks, granola bars, water and juice drinks, fruit, etc.)
Baked goods (cookies, tarts, brownies, 7-layer bars, granola bars, anything else easy to serve and individually package in large quantities)
Other Food Items (Store Bought):
Fruit juice & juice boxes
Granola/Clif bars
Fruit snacks
Canned foods (meals and hearty soups)
Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, bananas)
Gloves & face masks
Hygiene supplies
Sandwich & gallon-sized Ziplock bags
Brown paper sack lunch bags
Disposable napkins
Reusable water bottles
Sanitizers & cleaners (70%+ alcohol based)
Adult socks (non-ankle socks preferred)
Adult underwear (various sizes, all genders)
Sleeping bags
Vitamins (gummies preferred)
Small (transportable) art supplies: Markers, adult coloring books, colored pencils, etc.
Baby Items:
Diapers - newborn, 3-6 & toddler sizes (Pull Ups)
Baby wipes (organic)
Baby formula (organic)
Baby & toddler Fruit Snacks (organic)


Have other ideas? Contact our volunteer coordinator, Tony, at tony@pearmentor.org!