Take an ornament from our virtual Giving Tree! Choose a category of giving, decide which items you'd like to donate, then schedule a time to drop them off at p:ear before December 23rd. Complete this form to let us know what you're bringing. We'll wrap the items and ensure they get to kids in need visiting p:ear. 

Can't stop by in person? Check out our Amazon Wish List to have items shipped right to our door!


Donation drop-off

You can drop-off your items any Monday and Wednesday at p:ear between 8am and 2pm until December 23rd. We have a small amount of staff working on site those days who can take in donations. If those days and time frames do not work, please contact us at donate@pearmentor.org to schedule another date/time for drop off.

Donation receipts

Please complete our online donation receipt request form if you would like a tax receipt. Request a tax receipt here or email stephanie@pearmentor.org with your donation description and estimated value.

Feel free to put the bundle items in a backpack or nice gift bag to keep them together! We just ask that you don't permanently wrap the items yet so we can take a look at what is in each bundle and distribute them to the appropriate kids in need.

Questions? Contact us at donate@pearmentor.org!