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Meet Brandie Harris, Development Director

October 6, 2021

October 6, 2021

Dear Friends,

I am reaching out as p:ear’s new Development Director and an enthusiastic and dedicated addition to the p:ear community. Over my first few months at p:ear, I have been awed by the talented, beautiful and unique young people we serve each day.

In my 9 years of serving communities, and advocating for youth in Jacksonville, Chicago and now Portland, I learned what I wanted professionally and personally, and how I wanted to show up. I wanted to do work that challenges systems that leave out marginalized groups of people. I wanted to ensure that organizations working to change the narratives about our biggest social and economic problems receive the resources needed to remain stable and impactful for years to come. Finding an organization that aligned with my values – where I could see myself in the work, the people, and the community – was deeply important to me. Then came p:ear. I am so grateful to be serving as Development Director for an organization that provides resources, sustenance, a place for creativity and opportunity for young people in a heartfelt and deeply authentic way. I look forward to the journey of getting to know our youth, this community and you. 

p:ear gives young people a safe space to unpack their thoughts and feelings, explore their talents, and find belonging. For young people whose realities may change drastically from day-to-day, p:ear is a constant, here to provide crucial stability of place, resources, and relationships. Ensuring the reliable continuation of p:ear’s work in the Portland community and the strategic growth of its mission and programming is my priority.

Stability means remaining here in this community as a resource to youth for years to come. With the recent purchase of our downtown building, p:ear is currently in a strong place to resume this work. Being stable also means providing reliable quality of service that is constantly adapting and evolving through an equity lens, so that our staff, youth, and volunteers are representative of an inclusive and diverse environment. As Development Director, stability for me means maintaining valuable relationships with donors and partners like you, ensuring your trusted investment in our work directly cultivates a community where young people can feel safe, express themselves and receive what they need.

We are here to meet our young people where they are at, from their necessities and aspirations to everything in between. This work and community are made possible through your continued support.

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring p:ear can remain a source of stability, love and acceptance for young people this year and years to come. 

In gratitude, 

Brandie Harris

Development Director