Rescheduled: Next volunteer training date TBD



We're Hiring!

p:ear is hiring a part time Bicycle Mechanic...

We're Hiring - Shop Manager & Master Bike Mechanic

p:ear is hiring a full time Shop Manager & Bike Mechanic...

A movement fueled by radical love

A note from Executive Director, Beth Burns, for the New Year...

Want to make a significant impact in the life of the young people at p:ear? Join the 100’s of other community members who have valued the lives of these young people by giving their most precious gift—time.

Together we:

- Provide an environment where intellectual, emotional and physical skills flourish, a place where young people can reach their highest potential

- Create a flexible, mentor-based program that rebuilds bridges between youth and the community

- Help homeless and transitional youth see themselves beyond homelessness

From cooking in the kitchen, teaching a workshop, helping a young person learn the guitar or arithmetic, or volunteer at an event, you can make an immediate impact.

If you’d like to mentor, cook, or help out at p:ear, please fill out our volunteer application and contact Tony Camber ( about signing up for the next volunteer training (date TBD). Please note that we are unsure when volunteer trainings will begin, pending Oregon health and safety recommendations.

Learn more about volunteering at p:ear here.