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Homeless or in transition youth learn bicycle repair and other key job skills with p:ear

Video by Sika Stanton

Check out the opening of An Education at p:ear on April 6, 2017!

Twenty-two p:ear youth spent over 120 hours harvesting, shaping and finishing the wood to build an Irish Curragh guided by Steve Carrigg, owner of Hazelwood Boats.

"Homelessness is a tragedy at any age. But for the young – to be so early in life and already feel like an outcast, I think it can be particularly damaging. Which is why I loved hearing from today’s guest, Pippa Arend, who works to change the lives of homeless youth."

"One particular organization has been making a difference for arguably the most marginalized group: the homeless and transitional youth of Portland. Positive change has to start somewhere, and it seems p:ear is leading the charge."

"National Coffee Day was a week ago, but today you have a chance to get free coffee, and it's for a good cause."

"Piriform cortex is a pear-shaped brain region in the ventral anterior temporal lobes, critical for olfaction (smell) – and the smells at P:ear in downtown Portland were extraordinary and welcoming on our first Noggin Wednesday this year…"

"Andrea Paluso of Family Forward Oregon and p:ear’s Pippa Arend discuss self-sacrifice, the value of caregiving, and the decision to have children (or not)."

"With a handful of programs, 120 volunteers, five staff members and a strong ethos, the nonprofit p:ear works to help youth exit homelessness. p:ear does this by forging positive relationships with homeless youths, and through their programs and services."

"Two years ago Syrrita Mason felt secure - she had an apartment, a car and life was full of possibilities. Today the 20-year-old is living on the streets of Portland, kicking an addiction to meth and taking care of the unborn child she hopes will turn everything around."

"Here to help is Survival Guide to the Streets of Portland, a powerful show at the Central Library's Collins Gallery. It's a product of the youth of p:ear. Short for "project: education, art, recreation," p:ear is a nonprofit that works with homeless youth aged 15-24 via creative mentorship."

"Mike Sandell was out of his usual element. He emerged from the backseat of a Champagne-gold Suburban, scanning the terrain. He was in the rolling hills of rural Canby, at a ranch where groves of cottonwood, alder and Douglas fir dot an expansive and well-manicured lawn."

"The performance, which opened for the first of two nights at pe:ar on Saturday, is part of the sprawling Fertile Ground festival of new works in Portland."