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core programs

Core Programs Youth Portrait
We offer safe space first, and an invitation to an open, non-judgmental and affirming community.


Sparking and nurturing curiosity with tailored support for learning

Education isn’t just about classwork. It’s about sparking and nurturing curiosity. We provide young people with tailored support for learning, including academic counseling and instruction both in and out of a formal learning environment. For youth who want to keep their academic learning going, we help them identify, apply for, and earn financial aid and scholarships.

arts & music

Creative self expression and healing

Creativity is a critical tool for helping young people who’ve experienced trauma engage in self-expression. Our art programs offer healthy mentoring, as well as opportunities to earn income from p:ear gallery sales. Our amazing community of arts and culture partners offer opportunities to p:ear youth, ensuring that young people see their roles in Portland’s creative community.

Gallery @artworkspdx Soundcloud


Out of the city and into the outdoors to refuel, play, and be challenged

Getting out of the city and into the outdoors is one way we help p:ear youth refuel. Cross-country skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, day trips and seasonal camps—these are life changing opportunities for kids to gain new experiences and rise to new challenges. You know what else they are? A time to relax and play—something that’s virtually nonexistent for most people experiencing homelessness.

Supporting programs

"Without p:ear, I wouldn't have been able to go to college. I would still be drinking and running the streets."

Blue Line Seperator

~ K., p:ear youth