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These programs build upon p:ear's offerings to meet the ever changing needs of our youth.


Meals, cooking classes, and community

Every year, we open our doors to provide 15,000 meals. At p:ear, young people learn how to prepare meals and develop a deeper understanding of the economic and social importance of food in our shared culture. Being greeted with a fresh, nutritious meal and the chance to eat it in a community with people and peers who care about you is a special form of love that builds trust and seeds hope.  As co-founder Joy Cartier says, “You can’t do anything if you’re hungry.”

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Safe space & support for pregnancy and parenting

We provide safe space for young people to do the things we all need to do. Simple things that aren’t so simple when you don’t have stable shelter.  Every year, p:ear youth spend 25,000 safe and productive hours in our building. We make sure youth can access everything from food and bus tickets to haircuts, clothing and counseling.

In our safe space, weekly groups like our parenting program meet to provide guidance and community for young people seeking pregnancy and parenting support.

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"This is the most amazing place that I have ever been to for guidance and art. It is so unique and beautiful and non-judgmental of its people."

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~ B., p:ear youth