Fast Facts!

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About p:ear

p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless youth through education, art, recreation and job training to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.

p:ear youth are students, artists, writers, cooks, baristas, mechanics, musicians, athletes, activists, and advocates. Growing together. Making their way through the world.

Our vision

We believe every young person should have the opportunity to see a life for themselves beyond the most difficult circumstances they face.

We know that homelessness isn’t a character trait. It’s an experience. When communities work together, that experience can be temporary. We fiercely believe every p:ear youth has a vibrant future. We’re here to walk with them, as partners, friends, and champions as they discover and grow toward it.

Our community

We are a creative community rooted in the values of love, trust, and belonging.

We work closely with the young people we serve and partner with a network of providers to ensure youth get what they need—mental health support, drug and alcohol support, pregnancy and parenting support, shelter, mentorship, housing and more.

Our staff and volunteers create beautiful meals, incredible outdoor experiences, challenge young minds, and offer healthy relationships young people can rely on as they plan for their futures.

Inside our dynamic community, young people support and guide one another as much as we do.

Our impact

In a small, brick building on NW Flanders street, we have built a community that supports our youth, sees their inner beauty and futures, and encourages and guides them—creating opportunities for self-discovery beyond day-to-day survival. Since opening in 2002, we’ve enrolled more than 5,250 young people in our programs and grown to serve more than 800 people aged 15-25 each year.

Our impact is measured in strong relationships, expanded opportunities, and young healthy adults growing as they make their ways in the world.

We serve an average of 65 kids per day

We share 23,160 meals per year

5,200 youth have enrolled since opening

24,730 hours spent by youth in 2019